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The Hiking Trails and Beaches are Open!

Here’s how to get there…


The Diamond Peak trail is now open. You can access it by walking up from the bottom of the ski resort, or through the Tirol Village path which is used by bikers. Take two cars—leave one at ski resort lot and drive the second car up Mt. Rose Hwy.

To access the trail for those looking into an easy-to-medium trail, we suggest parking off Mt. Rose where the large turnout is on the left side past the lookout parking. You will see cars parked at the trailhead on the right side across from the parking trail. This trail has several options. For an easy hike, follow the trail to the right. This will lead you down the biking trail and to the ski resort parking lot. The hike is about 4 miles.


“AB396 means private beaches would no longer exist.” — State Senator James Settelmeyer


If you want views, head straight on the path until you hit a right curve taking you to a small bridge. Veer left up the trail and follow it all the way to Diamond Peak. Stay on the ski runs heading down until you see “Freeway”—this run takes you back down to the ski resort and your car. It is free of snow, a little breezy at times, and the views promise to delight!

If you want the beach, head over to Hidden Beach and Skunk Harbor. Both are off Hwy 28 heading towards Carson City and offer access to several beaches. Chimney Beach is down a set of stairs to the right. If you feel adventurous follow the dirt road down to several beaches, a couple of which are clothing optional. Keep on the path until you see a jetty of rocks; climb along the path and you will find a beautiful beach with stairs. There is a private home at the far end, but plenty of open beaches to enjoy. If the gates are locked, drive up the road. They have enlarged it for parking, and access stairs will take you down to the hiking road. Always beautiful!


Under the legislation, people would also be allowed to carry a kayak around obstacles, like piers, that enter public water.

According to the bill, “If a natural or artificial obstruction interferes with the use of a public access water, a person may, along with his or her vessel, portage around the obstruction in a manner that is reasonably direct and closest to the water to reenter the water immediately above or below the obstruction at the nearest point where it is safe to do so.”

Shoreline property owners would be allowed to place a fence or barrier on their property across lake water, but would be required to include a ladder or gate to provide access around the obstacle, according to the bill.

Allowing public access to private lands without compensation is “troublesome,” Brisco said, adding many people have sought out shoreline property on the Nevada side of the lake because of the property rights.

According to State Senator James Settelmeyer, “AB396 would allow a person to trespass on property below the normal high water mark. That means private beaches would no longer exist. You have to pay taxes on the land, but you can’t keep someone off it. They could then sue the property owner if they get hurt. Property rights are in jeopardy.”


Source: North Lake Tahoe Bonanza

Additional Resources:

Assembly Bill 396 as introduced   (Download PDF)
Assembly Bill 396 as ammended  (Download PDF)


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