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a field of yellow flowers and green plants is in the foreground. Further back there is a house with a retaining wall, and a bit of blue sky.

As the demand for houses supersedes supply, the prices naturally continue to rise as well.

A livingroom with an off white sofa and pink and blue spring themed pillows, an off white coffee table with a pink flower arrangement

Set yourself up for success from the very beginning so that prospective buyers can stumble upon you and your services at any point in the process.

April Market Trends

This spring brings a less competitive for buyers than last year, with higher home prices and interest rates moderating demand. Available housing is still in low supply, giving sellers an advantage. Homes are spending less time on the market than in previous years.

white kitchen and living area with grey loveseat and white chairs

When considering what is most important to you, making a list of priorities can be extremely helpful.

Large light blue house with palm trees and a young woman seated on the front stairs

If a buyer is contemplating buying your house, curb appeal may be a winning factor.

March Real Estate Market Trends

It is shaping up to be a busy spring for the housing market. Demand is strong and home values have continued to appreciate. It is an excellent market for sellers, and buyers have more opportunities thanks to increased loan limits.