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Yippee! We Won the Best Lake in America Contest!

Thanks for all your votes — it made a difference! USA TODAY announced today that Lake Tahoe won the Best Lakes in America contest. Of course, we agree with the results!

Columnist Laura Bly wrote:

As a former Southern Californian, I’m no stranger to Tahoe’s multiple joys – and although I admit I’d rather listen to the call of a lonely loon than commune with a “gazillion” fellow admirers, I’m looking forward to revisiting some old haunts and discovering new ones for a story and photos that will appear in USA TODAY Travel on Aug. 10.

So, Tahoe fans, help me out. I’ll be heading to the lake tomorrow, and look forward to your top suggestions for where to go and what to do to capture what makes it America’s best.

Please leave your ideas as a comment below – and, if you’ll be at Tahoe this week, I’d love to hear them in person. I’ll be arranging a meet-up later this week, so drop me a line at [email protected] if you’re interested in saying hello.

America’s best lake: And the winner is…

Lake Tahoe voted America's Best Lake

So give her a hand. Let her know what you think!


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