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Incline Village & Crystal Bay Neighborhood of the Week: Ski Way!

Ski Way:

This week our featured neighborhood in Incline Village is the Ski Way Subdivision! Incline Village and Crystal Bay real estate is broken down into 16 different “subdivisions” which are more commonly known as neighborhoods. You can see our subdivision map here to get an idea of where the Ski Way subdivision is located.

Located just off Country Club Drive and winding its way up to Diamond Peak is the Ski Way Subdivision, this area is comprised of mostly condominiums and PUD’s, with a few single family homes. This North Lake Tahoe real estate area is popular for vacation owners and rentals, for its proximity to Diamond Peak, the beach, and its affordability.

Here you will find Lower Tyrolia and Tyrolean Village, charming Bavarian style neighborhoods with mostly free-standing chalets and a few attached condos. There are also several higher density condo developments in this subdivision such as Mountain Shadows and Alpine Terrace and high rises such as Burgundy Hill and Ski Way Ridge.

The Big Water Grille restaurant in Incline Village, located  just below Diamond Peak, offers great lunch and fine dining with spectacular Lake Views.

Homes are for sale in the Ski Way subdivision in Incline Village, Nevada starting at $300K up to $1.25M.

Ski Way Statistics:

The median sold price in this subdivision last year was $375,000 which is much lower with the entire market median of $1,060,000. This is due to the high number of smaller condos being sold which makes this one of the most affordable areas in Incline Village and Crystal Bay.

Last year, 46 properties  sold in the Ski Way Subdivision  making it one of the more popular areas in our market. The median days on the market for these homes was 136 days which is fairly common for our market, especially in an area with a high number of condominium listings. Many of the homes here were built before the 90’s making this area a prime target for remodels and vacation rentals hoping to cash in on the proximity to Diamond Peak!


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