We use our extensive experience to craft a highly specialized marketing plan, one which is unique to you and your home. Taking into account all avenues of marketing from modern technology to traditional selling methods, our approach to the sale of your home generates the quality exposure and demand that your home deserves, ensuring your financial success.

Office Location:

Lakeshore Realty has a location second-to-none! Located a few steps away from Ski Beach which is trafficked by over 150,000 people annually and 1/2 a block from the Hyatt Regency, Incline Village’s premier resort this offers your home unmatched exposure.

Exclusive Hyatt Regency Commercial:

The Hyatt Regency is the only major resort in our area and Lakeshore Realty has an exclusive contract to advertise in every guest-room throughout the resort. Located just a block away, this exposure drives valued guest worldwide to our office.

Magazine and Newspaper Print:

We align ourselves with luxury brands that appeal to visitors, investors and those seeking to call Lake Tahoe their home. You will find your property periodically throughout high-end print publications such as Tahoe Tribune and Homes & Land.

Lakeshore Realty Brochure:

Your home will be featured in Lakeshore Realty’s multipage brochure which is displayed in our office and distributed to heavily trafficked locations around Incline Village. This reaches thousands of buyers through open houses, buyer packages and foot traffic on Lakeshore Blvd.

Property Website:

You property will receive its own custom website and URL. Your property
website prominently displays your home across the internet with a detailed description, photos, video, maps, school info and a direct line to your Realtor.

Direct Email List:

Lakeshore Realty creates and distributes a custom e-mail marketing campaign to highlight and update Realtors in our area about your property, keeping it top of mind for their buyer clients. The vast majority of buyers work with a local Realtor.

Communicating about a home

Incline Village Mailer:

Lakeshore Realty periodically mails out a multi-page brochure to Incline Village & Crystal Bay homeowners featuring market insights and select properties for sale.

Real Estate Newsletter

Professional Photography:

With the vast majority of buyers searching for their home online, high-quality, professional photography is an essential part of advertising your home. Lakeshore Realty employs expert, local photographers that know how to showcase your property to attract the most amount of buyers both online and in print marketing.

listing content

Drone Photography:

An increasingly popular method to showcase a property is through the use of drone photography and videography. A high quality video and aerial stills truly give the buyer a “feel” for the home without ever having to step foot inside. With our area’s unique landscape as the background for these photos and videos, your home can stand out from the rest!

drone photography

Youtube Channel:

Your property will have a video highlighting all the features of your home in the most dynamic way possible. This video will be on Lakeshore Realty’s channel and then distributed to multiple media outlets.

Internet Presence

Virtual Tour:

Your home will receive a digital tour to give buyers a better glimpse of your home. This virtual tour is not only distributed to our local Multiple Listing Service, it also will display on all the major property search websites such as Realtor.com and Zillow.

Home Presentation

Lakeshore Realty Mobile App:

Built to improve the buyer experience, Lakeshore Realty’s mobile app provides up-to-the-minute accurate real estate information paired with a GPS search this powerful tool makes its simple and easy for users to find your home and get in touch with your realtor instantly.

Mobile Listings

Featured Listing:

Your home will be displayed in an appealing manner on the homepage of Lakeshore Realty’s website in addition to a dedicated page with specific details about your property.

Home Catalogue

3D Virtual Tour:

3D home tours enrich the home-search experience with a virtual tour that allows users to click through your home layout room by room.

Virtual Tour

Broker Tour:

Similar to an open house, the local Broker Tour serves to introduce your home to Realtors in our area. This generates quality exposure for your home as the majority of sales are conducted with local Realtors.

Home Sales


The yard sign is still one of the strongest methods to signal to the public that your home is for sale. Especially in our area, potential buyers are often walking or driving through the neighborhood and stop by to pick up a flyer or call your listing agent. These potential buyers are particularly valuable since they are physically in the area and are more likely to buy than other, non-local inquiries.

Real Estate Listing

Office Meetings:

The majority of property sales in Incline Village are conducted through our local network of realtors and we capitalize on this with bi-monthly meetings. Our team of Realtors discuss listings before they come onto the market which is a great way to connect potential buyers to your home.

Lakeshore Realty Office

Social Media:

To enhance the reach of the marketing for your home, Lakeshore Realty utilizes the most popular social media platforms such as Facebook and Instagram to highlight the unique features and photography of your home. Each home listed with Lakeshore will be featured in multiple posts across several platforms to a large but targeted audience.

Market your home

Digital Marketing Campaigns:

Through the use of detailed analytics gathered over 25 years of selling in our market, Lakeshore Realty has identified the top buyer locations both online and geographically. We then target those locations with digital advertising and home listings that attract the most qualified buyers to our website and your home. Using these campaigns ensures that your property is displayed to the most amount of buyers that are most likely to purchase your home.

Digital Marketing